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Medical Sector

MD, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Department of Gastroenterological Surgery Graduate School of Medicine Yokohama City University

​Itaru Endo


When I first saw archelis, I thought it's a robot. But its joints could move freely, so my feeling of hesitation completely disappeared. It was surprising that I could walk without any restrictions. I felt like I was extremely free. There is always a potential fear of falling backward in the semi-fixed condition. But, there's nothing like that for archelis. It is very stable. Our surgical operations sometimes last for 8-12 hours. In the case of archelis, we can mostly be in the sitting posture. So, I think the fatigue of standing for 12 hours and sitting for 12 hours is totally different.


MD, FACS Director Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery Center Yotsuya Medical Cube

​Kazunori Kasama


Absolutely easy!! Really. I used it when I was a surgical assistant and a scopist, and it was very stable.

I have lower back pain and always wear a corset during operations. But if I can sit down, the burden on my lower back becomes much less. I can be in a sitting posture, so the overall stability is significant.

And of course, I can walk, so I think it's an advantage that I can easily switch from an surgery assistant to a scopist.

MD, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Surgery School of Medicine, Toho University Omori Medical Center

Yuichiro Otsuka


For the first time I sat down, I felt like weightless and it was easy and comfortable. The doctor looking at me nearby said "You have a quite relaxing face like taking a bath". As I can come very close to the operating table, I can make a lot of fine adjustments and that makes it quite diffent from just sitting on the chair.

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