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About recruitment

Our thoughts
"Removing pain from standing works from the world"

The Alkeris project started with the idea of "reducing the burden on doctors who perform surgery while standing for a long time."

Our goal is to solve social issues from a completely new way of thinking through design and technology.

The product "Alkeris", which was born from that, frees the workers of standing work in various situations from "hardness".

It is a new style in the working environment and aims to become the standard in the near future world.

■ What are you doing

Alkeris Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and sells "Alkeris", an assist suit that eliminates the pain of standing work from all over the world.

"Arqueris" is attached to the feet and supports the wearer's weight by distributing it with sneakers and peaches, making it easier to stand for a long time without straining the feet and hips.

Furthermore, there are three features: "You can move while wearing it", "No power supply required", and "Easy adjustment is possible for various body shapes".

s-use scene16.jpg

■ Why do you do it

​"Standing from the world and eliminating the pain of work" We started our business from this idea.

The original opportunity was a project that started in 2014 with Professor Kawahira of Jichi Medical University, Professor Nakamura of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and Nitto Co., Ltd., a manufacturing company in Yokohama, which was founded 54 years ago. Development was promoted through collaboration between medical engineering and industry-academia, and rental for medical use was started in November 2018.

After that, the needs of various standing work situations such as factories and security guards gathered, and in order to meet those needs, Alkeris Co., Ltd. was established in February 2020 by spinning off from Nittou.

Alkeris Co., Ltd. aims to solve social issues from a completely new idea by utilizing the high technological capabilities of venture spirits and Nittou.


​Recruitment position

The positions currently being recruited are as follows.

■ Sales and business development

You will be responsible for expanding sales channels, product lectures associated with it, developing future Alkeris development destinations, and forming alliances.

■ Design / development engineer

You will be responsible for the design and development of new products and the improvement of current products.

Wantedly introduces work contents and member stories.

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■ We are also looking for acclaim for other occupations such as public relations and marketing! Please apply from the following.

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