Aiming for high-dimensional stability

In laparoscopic surgery, where the tip of the forceps is required to move a few millimeters, "stability of the trunk" has a great effect on the stability of the surgery.

We believe that archelis, which allows you to repeat "walking and sitting" without straining your muscles even in a mid-waisted posture for a long time, can improve stable movement during surgery. Furthermore, I feel the potential as a device that can support the mid-waist posture in the special environment of medical professionals.

Dr. Hiroshi Kawahira (Medical), Associate Professor, Frontier Medical Engineering Center, Chiba University

Concurrent post: Chiba University Hospital Esophageal / Gastrointestinal Surgery


In the operation room, reliable operation and stability to the equipment are required. Stable and high performance is achieved by the element of "always usable" and the point that no cord connection is required, which is unique to analog devices that do not use electric power.

The angles of the knee joints and ankles can be fixed, and you can "sit" in a mid-waist position.

By supporting the weight while distributing the pressure with the support of a wide area of the shin and the thigh, it is possible to reduce intraoperative muscle fatigue and maintain a stable posture for a long time.

The separate design, which is independent for each leg, is characterized by the ability to freely take a stance according to the posture.

Patent pending

Fits the body

"Walk + maintain mid-waist posture"

With ergonomic design,

It is possible to do it repeatedly

In a special environment called an operation room



And non-energy design

"Archelis" is

was born

From the needs of the medical field

It is a wearable chair

We aim to achieve both the contradictory elements of "toughness and light weight" with the aim of reducing the burden on the wearer during long-term surgery.

For the structural part where the load capacity is concentrated, metal parts incorporating the processing technology cultivated over many years at the town factory are used. The part that supports the weight is composed of carbon parts over a large area. It is flexible and fits the human body.

Tough, lightweight and flexible
"Metal + carbon"
Realized by material composition


archelis is currently under development and is not available for purchase. The price and sales date are undecided. The latest information will be updated from time to time.
Archelis is currently under development.  The product is undecided the price and release date to sell it.
We will update the information of the development in this page.

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