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Case study

"Retirement consultation from employees who complain of back pain,


​Company introducing this time
Miyoshi Co., Ltd.

Capital : 35 million yen

Company  Number of employees: 9

Business: Plastic injection molding, mold making

Representative Director  Koji Sugiyama

​1. Trigger for introduction-Sudden offer from employees-

 From a male employee in his twenties who is in charge of lathe work while Mr. Nakamura, the representative director, holds regular interviews with employees

"It's difficult to continue my current job because of the pain of hernia," he said.

Mr. Nakamura did not want to miss the young and talented human resources who will play a central role in the company due to back pain, so he thought that he could do something about it and started looking for countermeasures.


The introduction process is the removal work in resin molding. Automation was difficult and burdensome.

​2. Encounter with Alkeris

​Previously, Alkeris was introduced by Mr. Fujisawa, the representative.
When an employee consulted with me about back pain, I immediately contacted him and asked him to come to the demonstration.

3. The deciding factor for introduction​

Since work efficiency is important in metal presses and mold making, it was essential not to affect the movement and posture of the work. In that respect, unlike other fatigue reduction tools, Alkeris affects work efficiency while reducing fatigue such as "does not take up space at all", "can move freely while wearing", "no power supply required", etc. It was a perfect tool to solve our problems because it does not give.

Also, when an employee who was thinking of retiring due to hernia put on Alkeris, he liked it very much.

He said, "I think I can work for a long time," so I decided to introduce it.


To use with confidence​ A polite lecture at the time of delivery is also a decisive factor for introduction

Q. Have you realized the effects of the introduction of Alkeris?

By wearing Alkeris, you can maintain a comfortable posture without leaning forward, which makes your work much easier. I'm happy to be able to work without worrying about back pain..

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the source of competitiveness is to hire human resources, raise them to the fullest, work for a long time, and inherit the technology.
I am very happy that Alkeris allows employees to work in good health for a long time.


​ Thank you for feeling the effect of reducing fatigue.
Thank you for your cooperation!

​Click here for a video of the case study of Shinei Kogyo ↓

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