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Case study (Factory field)


A young employee suffering from back pain was considering resigning. Archelis succeeded in creating a safe and secure workplace!

A small business is suffering from a labor shortage. While it is difficult to hire new employees, a dependable employee wants to quit his job due to back pain. So, we need a solution.

Shinei Industry Co., Ltd.
Business activities: metal press processing and die manufacturing


We introduced 7 Archelis units for female workers and have succeeded in reducing their physical burden and reducing work errors.

A total of seven Archelis units were introduced in the visual inspection of springs, which had previously been performed standing up. We asked him how he came to introduce the system.

Koryo Co., Ltd.
Business activities: manufacture of metal springs


We introduced Archelis to a process that cannot be automated and succeeded in both reducing fatigue and improving efficiency.

Standing work process at the resin molding site. Feeling the problem of increasing efficiency and physical burden, we introduced 3 Archelis. We asked them about the process and effects of the introduction.

Miyoshi Inc.
Business activities: plastic injection molding, mold manufacturing


The seafood processing industry involves a lot of standing work. Archelis can be expected to reduce the workload!

Seafood processing plants have a lot of standing works. Archelis is used for loin processing, inspection, and packing of frozen skipjack tuna. We asked about the possibility of expanding the use of Archelis in the seafood processing industry.

Yamafuku Suisan Co., Ltd.
Business activities: purchasing, processing, and selling fishery products

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