Case study (Factory field)


Retirement consultation from employees who complain of back pain, creating a workplace where you can work with peace of mind at archelis succeeded!

Small and medium-sized enterprises suffering from labor shortages, it is difficult to hire, and the employees who rely on them come to consult with me to quit their jobs due to back pain.

Shinei Industry Co., Ltd.Business description: metal press processing and mold manufacturing


7 units introduced for female workers!
Reduced burden and reduced work mistakes! !

​Introduced 1 unit for the purpose of reducing mistakes by standing work in spring appearance inspection, and then introduced up to 7 Alkeris. We asked about the circumstances leading up to the introduction.



Introduced Archelis to a process that cannot be automated! Succeeded in both reducing fatigue in standing work and improving efficiency

Standing work process at the resin molding site. Feeling the problem of increasing efficiency and physical burden, we introduced 3 Alkeris. We asked about the process leading up to its introduction and its effects.



First introduction to a veterinary hospital. Using Alkeris makes a huge difference in the degree of fatigue after surgery! I can do the examination in the afternoon energetically.

Surgery on dogs and cats performed four days a week is always standing. It is said that the accumulation of physical fatigue due to standing for a long time affects work other than surgery. We asked about the process leading up to the first introduction to the animal hospital and the effect of reducing fatigue.


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