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​Case study

Retirement consultation from employees who complain of back pain, creating a workplace where you can work with peace of mind at archelis succeeded!

Shinichi Nakamura
Representative Director

Shinei Industry Co., Ltd.

Capital: 3 million yen

Company Number of employees: 43

Business description: metal press processing and mold manufacturing


​Trigger for introduction-Sudden offer from employees-

 From a male employee in his twenties who is in charge of lathe work while Mr. Nakamura, the representative director, holds regular interviews with employees

"It's difficult to continue my current job because of the pain of hernia," he said.

Mr. Nakamura did not want to miss the young and talented human resources who will play a central role in the company due to back pain, so he thought that he could do something about it and started looking for countermeasures.


Encounter with Alkeris


​Previously, Alkeris was introduced by Mr. Fujisawa, the representative.
When an employee consulted with me about back pain, I immediately contacted him and asked him to come to the demonstration.


​ Thank you for your cooperation

the case study of Shinei Kogyo


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