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​Case study

We introduced Archelis to a process that cannot be automated, and succeeded in both reducing fatigue from standing work and increasing efficiency!

Koji Sugiyama
Representative Director


Capital: 35 million yen

Number of employees: 9

Business activities: Plastic injection molding, mold manufacturing


今回同社姫路工場様にアルケリスを導入頂きましたので、導入を推進頂いた姫路工場 製造部 製造第三課 志水様に導入までの経緯、導入後の状況を伺いました。


​What challenges did you face before introducing Archelis?

Our company manufactures molds by plastic injection molding. We have been trying to automate our operations, but it is difficult to automate the process of removing products from the molding machine. This is because it is more efficient to have a person remove the product from the molding machine for small-lot molding. Therefore, such kind of work has remained standing in the same place, placing a heavy burden on the employees' backs and legs.

We wondered if it would be possible to
maintain the efficiency of such work and reduce the physical burden

What did you think when you first saw Archelis?


​My first impression was surprise.

To be honest, during the first demonstration, my employees and I thought "Oh! This is it!".

We were very impressed actually.

Why did you decide to introduce Archelis?

Because we realized the benefits of using Archelis in actual work. Especially in work lasting more than one hour, fatigue was overwhelmingly reduced by using it.

Q. 現在はどのような工程で使用していますか?

​ 現在は組付け作業をしている女性の作業者に使用してもらっています。特に夜勤では重宝をして使ってくれているようです。夜勤は17:30から始まり、夜遅くまでの作業となるため、作業後半になると立ち姿勢がとても負担になるようで、そうした場面で、特に使ってくれているようです。


Please tell us more about the effects of introducing Archelis.



​ Thank you for your cooperation.

​Please feel free to contact us for purchases and inquiries.

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