Case study

"Retirement consultation from employees who complain of back pain,

Yamafuku Suisan Co., Ltd.

Established: 1971

Location: Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

  Business: Purchase, processing and sale of marine products

アルケリス導入事例 動物病院 ふじい動物診療所 藤井先生

Representative Director  Makoto Misaki

​1. Trigger for introduction-Sudden offer from employees-

 From a male employee in his twenties who is in charge of lathe work while Mr. Nakamura, the representative director, holds regular interviews with employees

"It's difficult to continue my current job because of the pain of hernia," he said.

Mr. Nakamura did not want to miss the young and talented human resources who will play a central role in the company due to back pain, so he thought that he could do something about it and started looking for countermeasures.

アルケリス導入事例 動物病院 ふじい動物診療所1

So that you can feel the burden reduction in one week after you start using it.

​2. Encounter with Alkeris

アルケリス導入事例 動物病院 ふじい動物診療所2

​Previously, Alkeris was introduced by Mr. Fujisawa, the representative.
When an employee consulted with me about back pain, I immediately contacted him and asked him to come to the demonstration.

To use with confidence​ A polite lecture at the time of delivery is also a decisive factor for introduction

Loin processing  Mr. Yokouma (14 years of service)

​Q. In what processes do you use Alkeris?

​ It is used in loin processing, where frozen fish is shaved and cut. The floor is also wet with water, and even in a work environment where fish residue is scattered, the feet can be used without slipping.

​Q. In what processes do you use Alkeris?

​ I definitely felt that the burden on my legs and waist was reduced while working. It took me a while to put it on the first time, but it didn't take long the second and third times, so there was no problem once I got used to it.

​Q. What kind of process do you think Alkeris is suitable for?

​ In addition to the sites I used this time, there are many other sites where I think, "It would be convenient if Arkeris was here. It would be helpful."

Inspection  Mr. Kawamura (11 years of service)

​Q. In what process do you use Alkeris?

​ Inspecting the finished fish is a process that forces you to stay in one place and maintain the same posture. On the other hand, packing work is easier to do because the new stick model is easier to move and has a wider range of action.

​Q. How about the new Arkeris FX stick?

​ The new stick model has more mobility and a wider range of motion, making it easier to work.

​Q. Do you feel the fatigue reduction effect of Alkeris?

yes. I have weak knees, so Arkeris reduces the burden on my knees and makes me feel very comfortable.

When my knee pain got worse, I used to get painkiller injections at the hospital. The reduction in fatigue is most noticeable when going up and down stairs after work.

​ Thank you for feeling the effect of reducing fatigue.
Thank you for your cooperation in the interview!

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Protect veterinarians who protect animals.

By supporting the body in a standing posture,

It greatly reduces physical fatigue caused by long standing work.
By dispersing and supporting the weight on the shins and thighs,

It stabilizes your core and frees you from back pain.

​Alkeris for veterinary hospitals
archelis for veterinarians

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